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The Agile Product Owner's Podcast

Oct 21, 2015

All about Bob

On this special episode, we welcome Bob Galen to the show. Bob discusses the ideas behind his recent “Product Owner 2.0” class and his lessons learned from it.  We talk about what core PO skills still need polish and focus, what soft skills are the most important, and what analogies we can use for...

Looking for a new Co-Host

Oct 15, 2015

Deliver It Cast, an Agile Products Owners Podcast, is looking for a new co-host to join the show.  We are looking for someone who is currently active as a Product Owner and is willing and able to openly discuss the role, challenges, and ideas with our audience. You must also be enthusiastic about the role, agile in...

Oct 13, 2015

Episode 17 - Picking Product people


There are several skills a Product Owner needs and a good number of them are shared with Product Managers. There are many different opinions on how the two relate or interact with few areas that people agree on.  Cory and Kim dive into the similarities and differences between the...

Oct 13, 2015

Episode 16 - Walk this wall


Understanding the larger picture of your product and how your users will accomplish their goals is often difficult to pull together. A great technique is to use a Story Map to visualize, explore, and communicate the context around your application. Product Owners can socialize and...

Oct 13, 2015

Episode 15 - Getting Technical


After reading a challenging article, having a listener suggest it, and hearing from various people the problem of technical debt and technical stories, Cory and Kim look at how a Product Owner should approach them.  There was lots of great reference material to choose from when it comes...